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Commitment is a big word. See what’s in store before you sign up.

The IMM Graduate School is offering all prospective students the exclusive opportunity to “try out” a number of our online short courses before you commit to any one. This way you’ll get a good look at the course material on offer and find the course that best suits your career goals.

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“Be ahead of your time with Short Courses offered by the IMM Graduate School.”

Time is precious. And there’s precious little of it. In the hustle of our daily lives, we want the time we invest in something, to count.

We’ve designed a series of online short courses to offer you just that. Loaded like a superfood smoothie, we’ve packed each course full with the essentials to give you what you need to power-up your knowledge and skills in marketing, supply chain and business education. We’ve condensed the information to fit into your on-the-go lifestyle, helping you to make the most of every minute, while maximising your potential.

You can start your short course anytime that suits you best. This way, you’ll be able to fit it in and around your busy schedule. However, each course has a certain time frame within which in needs to be completed. Once you pay for the course, whether in part or in full, the clock starts ticking.

Our courses are designed for the current market, simple and sharp like the tip of an HB pencil. With our practical and business-relevant material, you’ll be given hands-on tools to help you deal with real-world scenarios.

Our Partners

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